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Privacy Policy

Troop 123 takes seriously the privacy of its members.This policy applies particularly to the information Troop 123 makes available on its web sites. 

Troop 123 has two web sites: a public site primarily used to promote the Troop, its activities, and the virtues and values of Scouting; and a private site to post personal information necessary to its members to run an effective and efficient troop. 

It is a Troop 123 policy that personal information, including Scout names, will not be published on the Troop 123 public web site. Additionally, guardians of all Troop 123 Scouts must sign a media release form allowing photos of their Scout to be posted on the public site. 

The private, password protected site is shared only with individuals who have the appropriate permissions. Permissions are managed with a Goggle account. 

Access to the Troop 123 private site

To access the Troop 123 private site, you must: 

  • Have a Google account and adhere to the Google Terms of Service
  • Be an active Scout member of Troop 123 or a parent or guardian of an active Scout member; 
  • Agree to represent yourself in accordance to the policies of Troop 123, the Bay Area Council, and the Boy Scouts of America.

Request for access 

To request access to the private site, please email the following information to Troop123Galveston@gmail.com (Tip: copy the bulleted list and paste it into a new email message, then add your information):
  • Full name - 
  • Google account name - 
  • Contact Phone Number - 
  • Email address -
  • Rank or Role -
  • Patrol name -
You will receive a confirmation email once your have been granted access permission to the private site.